We might be dead by tomorrow

Finally, the proper pictures from midsummer. This year was a cold affair. But all the girls dressed up in cute summer dresses anyway and as soon as you have a couple of snaps in your body who cares about the cold?

We did all the things you are supposed to do – we danced in the sauna, realized we were a bit too tipsy already at the Midsummer pole, found a midsummer song that was played once every 3 minutes Tiësto – Wasted, sang Bamse without knowing the words, looked at the pool at Bosses and ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’,got wet in the boat and refused to bathe later since its way too cold. We gave each other loads of hugs and talked about what an amazing midsummer we were having. In other words, exactly how it should be.

Wreath binding. This is my worst midsummer skill. Im shit at it but it has the be done. I envy girls who are just naturally good at this stuff. On the other hand, im naturally good at dancing in the sauna. Guess you cant have it all.

Aaaw, reunited again. The slightly crappy looking wreath on Fredde’s head is the one i made. My mini head couldnt fit in it but i stole it back and wore it like a victory wreath around my neck.

This is when it sucks being ‘grasanka’ (you boyfriend being away), you dont get to be in any of the ‘look, we are so happy pictures’. Fun for you guys, I drank champagne instead.

Sanna doing the most important job of them all, getting the crew tipsy.

Getting help from Lasse. That is a must, no one will fill your glass up as many times as Lasse.

‘All the single ladies’. Or, maybe just all the taken ladies on a pontoon looking kind of summery. Right side win on the wreath wearing. Lefties, you suck.

Lunch. Or as Erik says ‘lets eat that disgusting midsummer food again’. I happen to like it. Especially the snaps.

Some kind of singing. As you do when you want to get drunk in Sweden. You need to hide your need for very strong spirits behind some happy singing. It doesnt fool anyone.

Sanna doing Bamse. That is not child proof lyrics on that one. Look at Eriks happy face.

Walking down to the Midsummer pole and dancing. Beer in hand. Scaring the kids. As you do.

I was jealous of that leather jacket all day. I always opt for cute on Midsummer forgetting that i never feel as home as when im hiding away in black leather looking gloomy. Next year!

All up and ready for some frog dancing. You apparently never get to old for this.

Tove and her crew were at their place. I had some bitter sweet moments before i realised we wouldnt get to hang. That made me sad.

The annual rope pulling (cant remember the name) that we lose. Every year. Lelle is trying to rally the troops but it didnt work. We blame it on the kids being so many. Tiny but many. Like strong little ants.

Boating. Very cold when its only 12 degrees but part of the traditions and how else to get to Bosse?

Some even more traditional fussball. What you cant see here is Fabio crushing everyone and Peters devastated face when he said ‘but he is just so good’.

Roger (nope, not Robban yet) and Maggie looking pretty for the camera.

Maggie… even my stand in boyfriend PP? Good thing im not jealous.

Fabio cooking. Due to a slight mishap the meat was very salty this year. Which I told Alex who then told everyone and had to take a straff shot. Very noble of him to take the blame. And 100% voluntary.

The day after at Gamla Ox. A pretty tired gang of heroes.

But that didnt stop the boys from drinking Jagermeister. Look at Sanna’s face, that is one not very convinced lady.

Me and my parents for the weekend. They took care of me so I didnt have to be alone. Not sure they would have chosen such an old drunkard as their first child had they had the chance.

Dinner att Lasse and Birgittas. Sannas being the bartender again and making caiphirinas.

It was a cold but beautiful evening.

We decided to brave the weather and sit outside. They had the best blankets, its was like sitting under a cloud (which i couldnt stop telling everyone, oh the joys of a drunken brain)

Fabio kept coming out and telling us we were behind the team inside on the wine drinking. By the end of the night we had drunken 43 bottles on 20 people and I dont even drink wine. Good job the rest of you.

The girls looking at Maggies pictures and reminiscing about last year when we were all younger and still partied. There is a lot of that nowadays, I think we miss our golden days.

Lasse came out ever so often to make sure we were drinking enough. As he do. Here he doesnt even drink himself but it doesnt stop him from making us do it.

You can see my 2 beers in the fore ground. I only manages to drink 2 during the whole dinner. Dont tell anyone since that is to be thrown out of midsummer for good. Or 5 straff shot on the go.

It got colder, we got drunker and more tired and people started to drop off. I managed to break my 1.30 record of the Friday and actually be up until 3.30. Drinking G&T and trying to stop myself from the champagne.

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