Hat weekend

Hello Monday! You greet me with sun. Nice. Or smutt as we say in Sweden. In less than a week im on my way to Prague with my sister. Adore summer.

But first, here’s the weekend.

On Friday headed to Wimbledon with Tom. It was a pretty quiet affair. We drank loads of G&T and Tom spent the entire night making fun of me. He does that a lot. Mercilessly.

We ended the night at Burger King. He treated me. No one takes care of me like Tom. If I could only marry that guy I would be taken to BK and plied with double G&T most every day.

On Saturday i looked this fresh despite all that drink and food. I started the morning with cleaning my bathroom (dont ask) and then headed out to meet up with the Tomlins that came west for once.

We ended up at the Dove by the river. Tom was on a diet and not drinking alcohol. That lasted for about 2 seconds and then he went and bought a bottle of prosecco. Go big or go home.

On Sunday was another hat day. I took my dog and headed down the river. It started raining as soon as I left the house. Good thing i had a hat.

Me and the monster on the sofa watching the eminent series Sense8. Love all of that weird sci fi shit. I have finally moved past anime and manage to look at real people. Big step.

Todays tune: Whats up?

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