Marrying off the Tomlins

So, last leg of the holiday was Elin and Tommys wedding. Given that i was toastmaster i had been so nervous about this. Anyone who knows me know my fear of public speaking. I used to be the kid who started shaking so bad I always dropped my papers. Always.

But, we are a long way from that and i did it. I actually did it. Without dropping any papers, fainting or any other kind of mishaps. Yeah me.

More importantly though – the Tomlins got married. Like a dream.

Started the day by heading out to the venue to help. Poor Ol was on ex boyfriend duty and had to join. And not only that, he also got my stressed, snappy bitchiness. Im sure he did a silent ‘swish’ to himself not having to deal with this any longer.

After realising that ‘shit, we need to actually get to Skansen in time’ we headed home and changed into princess dress (well, i did, Ol changed into a suit, not princess dress)

Such a Disney princess. At least i had studded black shoes.

We were in Seglora church at Skansen and it was absolutely stunning. All the english people were blown away. Didnt make it worse that it was a sunny, beautiful day. And loads of tourists to take pictures when we left to make us feel important.

 Waiting for the bride and groom.

Elin was a dream. So beautiful. I must admit that yes, there was a couple of tears. I mean, its Elin and Tom and I love them and are so happy for them.

I think both me and Oliver felt pretty emotional as well given that we met around the same time and we’ve broken up (well i know we both did since there was a couple of pretty emotional cry fests and talks over the weekend. Emotionally drained is only half of it)

 Look at them! My beautiful friends.

One thing that was so amazing was all their lovely friends being there. They have some cool people in their lives and I feel so at home with them. From Malin I met at the same time as Elin to all the new London friends and Toms old friends like Victoria here.

 Soap bubble guns from the Lady Gaga concert. Yes! So much yes.

 They did it. Is it ok to be a massively proud friend?

 Garth showed up in his kilt. Amazing. I never got to see what he had under it though. Sad face.

Selfie time. 

 The cool kids sit in the back of the bus.

 Ida and Kristin was very awesome DJs. They had everyone from Elins gran to Oliver dancing and I cant imagine it being much cross over between those two.

After party. Unfortunately this was shut down after 5 minutes due to boring people having to sleep. I was so pissed off with the hotel that i stole most of their candy. Ha.

Love this picture. Best man Jack, usher Mikey, Victoria, the groom and Bendice. So much epicness.

Cat ears! Hell yes. I have stolen 8 to take to BM. Because cat ears are ALWAYS a good idea.

Me and the toilet brush. It had a part of my speech. Hard to explain but it got to shine. Im not actually being sick just showing that im well prepared. I mean, pretty awesome bringing your own cleaning utensils if needs be.

Thanks you Tomlins for the best wedding ever and thank you me for not falling dead from nervousness.

Afterklaps – Holiday Sun

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