To my future kids

I know, I know, more BM pictures. Seriously…

Well, im thinking that one day when ive lost my mind and let my future kids read this blog (or just feel bored of being 45 living in my suburbian house with 2.5 kids) I want to be rembered as well… awesome. And kind of cool.

Because im not. Cool I mean. Im a bit crazy, have a sense of adventure and more than anything, no sense of NO, and love to do weird things but im definitely not cool. Which is fine. Cool people have too much stuck up their asses anyway.

So, future kids, if you ever read this. Mum might not be cool but she wasnt always dressed in practical clothes nagging about homework. Once upon a time she jumped around in a desert dressed as a mental patient having one or two drinks. Tops.

Good plan me to have bikini briefs on when dress flies up when you jump (tip from the coach – dont do a Paris Hilton (she is someone from when mum was young) and go commando).

This is day 6. You can see that in my unwillingness to keep my eyes open. Hence glitter.

I feel very dressed in this picture. It was cold. And i woke up with the fever from hell the day after (and well, told you, not cool)

Bromancing. After 6 days of partying the only way to get a thrill is to try and climb into the amplifier (dont do this future kids… it wont lead to anything good).

Yeah future kids, mums got nothing to say when it comes to try and stop your partying.

If you want some awesome Robot Heart music here are some of my favourite DJs

Looking surprisingly fresh after all that partying. Sunglasses FTW.

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