Treat night – me, myself and I

Last night i was supposed to go for drinks with Dimitra but she cancelled. I agree with you, what a bitch. Instead I had to head home and look after the doggie. Short changed.

To give my non exciting night a little bit more ooomph i decided to treat myself to a nice dinner. Crab, fennel sallad, cheese sandwich and cider. Yes please.

Crab is extra luxurious to me since i think about being alone with mum as a kid and she treating us to crab just the two of us. This time it was just me. Oh well, if you are single you have to do things on your own.

Like taking awkward selfies when you want to show social media your treat night.

And because i was drinking i could take a sneaky wednesday smoke. (its like the chicken and egg – am i smoking because im drinking or am i drinking to be able to smoke…)

My little dog man this morning, I wish i could also just hide my face from the world and it would be gone.

Tonight dinner with Lollo at the new soho house. Hope she doesnt cancel, maybe then i have to treat myself to lobster and bubbles. If there is a will there is a way

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