Best of me (and you)

I know i promised you it was the last post but i have nothing to do and are bored so i thought id put up some of my best, and weirdest, convos with guys over the last couple of weeks. The best thing with tinder is that I get an out for my love of writing. And my love for being me…crazy and all.

And yeah, i realise why i might be single (dad, dont despair. Ill meet a normal guy one day but until then…too much fun)

This guy. Lets just say it broke the ice and then we never spoke again. But A for effort in not being like everyone else.

Amazing Jean. We had a late night convo when i was smashed and magic happened and we decided to be friends forever (until life and having too many plans for any new friends – we’ll find our ways back to each other one day ❤ )

You have to love a french guy for well, everything about them. They are so…french…

One of the biggest problems with going from tinder to whatsapp is that you have all of these guys with only their first name in your phone book. Chaos. Given that im speaking with 3 different Alessandros im going to have to come up with a new system for this.

Look at this – the first one. However – given that I dodged his date and didnt get back to him until he texted 2 days later I might have to exchange him for another one soon. Spring cleaning.

My latest french guy. You see my sneaky way of double checking the whole ‘are you drinking’ thing. Not falling for that again. Ever.

Next stop Lyon. 

Im seeing Jose on the 29th. At least this guy drinks (he calls jägers jaggers though which is both brilliant and kind of annoying. But we can work on that) and he sent me a pic of him licking a glass dragon. Love a guy who love a drgaon.

This one for good measure when having all of these convos with guys 😉

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