Turning older and dreaming of things

Its my birthday in less than a month. 34. Crazy shit. Not sure what i have done with my life other than living it to the farthest reaches of fun. And adventures. And people. Happy with that. And looking forward to more of my life becasue pretty awesome obvs.

Anyway. Birthday gifts. You wont really get them past, well, 15 and on shitty Valentines day im planning on being painfully hung over in bed. But a girl can dream and here a list of things i wish ill get myself at one point during this 34th year of living.

 A dont forget to play wall clock. Because never forget to play. Ever.

 A shooting star print. To remind me that this is who i want to be. Always. And because i love prints for my walls.

Or this print of an elephant and a sloth. I simply love it. 

A watering can for my plants. Right now im using an ugly plastiv bottle and doesnt go with my whimsical, boho home.

And a new camera since mine broke at BM and I really miss it. I might gift myself that for my birthday.

But, all is not gloom and doom and being forgotten  because of being old. I got two gifts when i was home.

Jules gave me a book she said i had to read. About relationships. Will give you a full review when i have read it all.

And Bolsts gave me a t-shirt you can write on with chalk. Its simple brilliant. Will be my next going out outfit and see what messages i come back with.

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