Hi 15 year old crazy girl *waving hand*

Me and Ol went to the vet with Woolly yesterday and the little monster is healing up fine, just another week of no walkies (OMG, he’ll be a nightmare by the end of this week – Ol will have him on Friday thank god. I need a break from being good dog mummy)

We had dinner, a tinder date convo (#exgoals) and hung out. When Ol left I admired my new glasses  I bought with the Asos gift card i got from my colleagues (love bdays) and took a selfie where ‘you dont even look hung over’ according to people. Thank you people. Guess you get something after a weekend at home.

Also new shoes. With same gift card.

Other than that contemplated my freak out on the whole ‘why dont you text me fucktard’ yesterday and realised that yes, me bat shit crazy and he doesnt actually deserve it. At all. (more on this later when i’ve embraced my crazy and are willing to share). Lets just say I need this. Exactly this. I also need to learn how to reign in my inner 15 year old. And how to dress for sucess (only kidding, know that shit by heart)

One day when im old and grey (er) ill high five this 34 year old me refusing to grow up. Right now i ply her with vodka and beg her to stop. And use this space to let her out.

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