Back where I belong

Finally back in London and this time in for the long haul. So damn happy to be back, missed everything so much when I was gone. 

When I landed if was sweltering in London. So I bought a cider and sat in the sun to read a book. Why kill a winning concept? 

After a couple of hours of sun kissed bliss this handsome man came down and we do what is almost law when hung over (him) and traveled for half a day (me) and bought more pizza than half a family could eat. 

Had to fight for my space on the sofa. But offering cuddles I was allowed in. 

Yesterday woke up, I had a business call that basically told me that instead of not having a team from end of August they now all leave early August. Contemplating panicking but the weather was just too good so George and me went to the park instead.

Let’s just say life is pretty damn brilliant. Woolly was knocked out by the head and happily stayed with us in the park for hours. Love that dog. 

Then Dani and Katta joined us and we went to E&O for s drink and later Kattas terrace for dinner and drinks. 

Lovely dinner and amazing girls (shit photographer though). Missed dani so much and now she is leaving me for SF. VERY sad face. Might just have to make sure work send me to the US.

We ate, I drank copious amounts of gin (need to take advantage of my holiday) and my two hairy heroes took a snooze, I must have run them ragged.
Life, seriously. You are just brilliant at the moment. 

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