Queen of glasses

My eye sight is pretty bad. I’m -4. For anyone with glasses they know that is kind of blind. As in you can’t leave your house without contacts because won’t see shit.

You would think that this handicapped would mean I own a pair of glasses less that 20 years old. And that I’d been to the optician in the last 10 years.

It doesn’t.

So today I finally did the grown up thing and went to get new glasses. Because head aches and suspicion that the 10 years without check up means my contacts are way too weak.

I was right. Apparently I’m -1 off on my prescription. That’s a lot.

So I started by finding a pair of sexy librarian glasses.

And while at it got another pair for free. Because no more blind. Also going to get my contacts checked and update because tired of the head aches.

Look at me adulting

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