Fairy godmother

Sunday (well. this is not true. Its actually Monday. It was such a pain updating this from the phone yesterday so here goes) and George and me have a busy schedule ahead. We are watching two movies and two series. It’s a hard knock life I’m telling you.

But we have earned that after a lovely but busy weekend. I couldn’t wait to get out of a freezing office on Friday working hard with my little doggo joining me for the day.

Around 4 Filippa showed up. She and Woolly became insta friends. My friends are his friends. We napped for a while (love having an excuse and F being pregnant was all the convincing i needed.)

We then walked through the snow and met Lollo at Havelock for some delicious dinner and girl chat.

On Saturday we took our time waking up and then headed to a muddy Ravenscourt. All the snow had melted and it was deliciously brown. To make it a bit more exciting we hid away among the flowers in the garden centre.

There Filippa surprised me with the sweetest question. If i wanted to be the godmother of the little unborn girl in her belly. Of course i want to. I would love to be closer to my swede family. And any little baby girl of Filippas and Eriks will be to coolest little warrior princess.

After all those emotions we headed home to relax a bit on the sofa and W curled up to his new bff again.

When Filippa left to head back to Sweden we headed on our own journey, all the way to Greenwich for dinner at Amelia and Mikeys.

They had made it super cute in celebration of our engagement with love napkins and a delicious dinner.

George was very appreciative of all the love.

The handsome boys. Amelia and me concluded that you find the best men down under. And that we are pretty lucky with our hot specimens. It is true what they used to say – your soulmate (or just best person ever) really could be on the other side of the world.

They had made this epic fish pie. George looked a bit green (weirdo not eating fish) but actually enjoyed it. You just need to hide the fish behind lots of mash and cheese. Me, i had the best time and massively overate. We finshed off with Mikeys homemade chocolate and orange cake. Foodgasm. Also food baby.

The lovely hostess. I love their place having even more knick knacks than ours. THat is always a good thing in my book. I definitely found my style moving away from all the scandi clean. The more the better.

After dinner we decided to play a board game. George and me were invited to an epic house party in Brixton but look at us being mature (old farts) and go for the boardgame instead.

Settlers of Catan. I won. I never win. Might also be because i never play. Apparently this is what the kids play. Look at me being young. Especially talking about what the kids do.

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