Little baby Sophie

What a sunny, glorious weekend. A taste of summer in the middle of April. I even got a dusting of tan. I know i keep going on about it but how i love my garden. Its been growing like mad out there in the sun and in a couple of months ill be able to enjoy fresh smultron, strawberries, tomatoes and maybe even cucumber. One can dream. And keep watering.

This was me pretty much all weekend. Its colder today and no sun but i feel soaked so i dont mind.

On Saturday i went up to meet the new member of the london family. Little baby sophie. Half poish, half french. Proud daddy and little angel 4 week old baby.

We went to the curve in Dalston and baby slept happily when mum and dad enjoyed their sunny day.

This lil dude was less happy but he was a hero and stayed chilled among all the people and music.

Baby mummy being an expert. So sweet to see them with their little girl.

She was not as unappy as she looks, i swear. Natalia was going to have her first night out in almost a year so Jean was on baby duty.

After some hours in the sun we went to a street party down the road. Love london and its ability to throw a party anywhere. Me and Woolly shared a susuk wrap before heading home. George had a big night out planned and i was on doggy duty so ready for the sofa come evening.

Breakfast in the sun. Me and Woolly were up early to walk to Ravenscourt and for me to buy the last bits for the garden. More soil and some pots as well as oregano and thyme. Now i have it all. Welcome all who wants to pick their own herbs and just chill in Londons most loved garden.

Lured this guy out. Its harder than you think. I cooked some food and put it outside. I have my tricks.

Then i was supposed to go cheer Lollo on running the marathon but bringing W would have been a nightmare (great excuse) so i stayed in the sun like a pro.

I mean, nothing compare to Lollo than run a freaking marathon.

In the evening we had dinner at the Orange. And drinks. Lollo went all in. Earned it after the MARATHON (yeah, seriously impressed). A happy crew including her mum all the way from Sweden.

Ma boys were at home not missing me by the looks of it. Oh well.

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