Im in full on party planning mood right now. Only 3 more days to go and we need to get everything in order. There is about 50 people coming and we need food and drinks. Thank god for nice weather and BBQ.

As always im the pre planning pro getting everything ordered and communicated and George will be the one looking after everything on the night. That is normally how we do things. By that time im usually just enjoying myself. Ive had my excel times down.

The last couple of days have been pretty chilled. Had W full time so on Monday we had lunch in the sun at home.

And then i came into home made cannelonis by Udays sister in the office. Yes. Between salad and canneloni the tasty stuff always wins.

On tuesday W came into work with me. He was working hard. Getting used to being office dog now.

Especially when mummy takes you out for long lunch time walks. Life of Woolly is not hard im telling you.

Left him at home and then went to the CS office for a celebration. My team have hit the targets for a year in a row. Great work team! As you can see the cake where ravaged before i could even get there.

Went home to pick up W again and then headed to Anglesea Arms for dinner with Ella. Girl talk in the setting sun. Summer how i have missed you. George joined us after dinner and we all had half a drink before heading home.

Tonight George is taking me to dinner at Scullys. Awesome man.

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