Soon under the swedish sun

We are off to Gotland tomorrow. Very excited. Both to see my friends and to show George Gotland. Its a very particular place and very beautiful. Weather looks like it will be perfect swedish summer as well.

That smell of spring green birches and meadow flowers. And everything is so light green it almost hurts under that never setting sun. Its something so magical about it and so very swedish. I forget until im there. And its like my soul is like ‘hey, this is MY place’. Dont worry soul, we are going to frolick around on those flowering meadows you and i.

Yesterday we were doing something so very London. Phil had his bday party and newly opened Puttshack in Westfields. Finally something down this way.

Wearing all the flowers like the tiki soul he is.

George did a top knot and instantly turned into every italian football player ever. Could not stop laughing.

Cheers to Phil.

It was opening night and only for friends and family so everything was 50% off. Everything was a bit in the teething state so im happy i was not paying full price for the experience.

I wore a 50’s bandana in my hair channeling old school diners and americana. Dont think ive ever gotten that many compliments for a hair do. And easiest ive ever had.

The golf was some super high tech mini golf experience. But actually very fun and i found some never before tapped into mini golf skills. Who knew.

Talula and Phil with their balls.

Charlie joined and i tried to hide behind her not having to drink the shots. Pretty successful. Who needs shots on a tuesday?

Charlie waiting to ice Phil

(Iceing is this bartender thing that if you get the person in question to find a smirnoff ice somewhere they didnt expect to they have to down it on one knee. We had one hidden in our book shelf for a year that Dan put there before i made George find it.)

Sucessful. Phil started to look a bit fuzzy around the edges at this point.

And look at this…  I did end up in second place but still. Who knew Ceciii was such a mini golfing prodigy.

The it was time for dinner but the place fucked up our order so badly so after waiting for 50 min and no food me and George cancelled our stuff and went to the turkish instead. Best decision ever.

That was it for now, logging off and see you on the other end of sweden.

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