Im a survivor

Its finally a bit cooler, Ws stomach is better and i have booked my first appointment with the fertility clinic (10th of August). See me rocking this saturday. Having brekkie and then heading out to Ravenscourt for a park walk. Today is 100% a good day.

Love them good days. Collect them and remember them. I mean, im still on the good side of my general mood. Summer, awesome man and mini hound makes it hard to not be.

It was sweltering on Thursday and Friday. Ols studio is too warm for W then so i tried to bring him into work but that didnt work either since his stomach was so upset.

So, we had to work from home. Oh no. I mean, the pool and the garden just makes that too much to bear.

The plan was for George and me to picnic on Thursday but it was too hot.

Too hot to be outside people. So we decided on a home picnic and went to Tesco to buy ALL the goodies.

And we did. Got to love it when the table is too small for all your food.

However, it was still too hot so we headed inside. Yes, i got beaten by the heat.

New try yesterday. Armed with watermelon and a bikini.

Lived in the pool all day and even dipped Ws little hairy bum in. He hated it.

One of the survivors coming along. After the mega death some strugglers have managed to beat all odds and keep growing. Maybe its because i keep singing ‘I will survive’ to them. I feel you tomatoes, we will beat this heat together.

And finally, the rain. One of those crazy thunderstorms and the temperature dropped. Dream.

I headed up to Found for a friday drink, met some people, kissed my man and then headed home when it started to get too drunken. Me and W are teaming up this weekend, dont have time for hangovers.

Eeeeh?! So good. Means that i kind of got away with everything. Well, George did laugh when the person told him that and showed pics of me covered in glitter but still. If i can channel wholesome after my yearsas party queen i can do everything.

Like make a sandwich with my own homegrown tomatoes. Boojah! Was a bit trigger happy on this one and it was a tad unripe but hey, still taste of power.

W and me are staying home tonight while G is working and then him and mikey are coming down since Mikey is apending the day here on Sun. And he is bringing a doggo. Doggo party in my flat!!

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