A day in Richmond

One of the things I feel like me soul is literally screaming for this summer is nature. Since ive barely been on holiday ive been more or less been chilling out in the asphalt jungle for the last couple of months when everyone else have been posting pictures from beaches and sea.

So, it was time for the closest to nature you can get without leaving London – Richmond.

As soon as Katta and me entered the park we went straight for the blackberry bushes. They were ripe and filled with berries, a bit of a mission to pick the ones that hadnt been taken by other wanderers but no ones discourages a swede.

Happy blackberry face.

Katta is a pro. This girl is born to walk around in nature. We decided to go on a hiking trip this fall. Ill leave W and G at home and enter the wild with this one.

Richmond looked like some beautiful savanna like landscape. Ive never seen it this yellow and green at the same time.

I love getting lost here. Could walk around for days.

Woolly was in heaven as well. He just ran around like a crazy. If dogs could smile he would be. Ive never seen him channeling a labrador as much.

For lunch we met with Linnea and Lollo at Petersham. I know keep raving about it but this place is just so calm and beautiful. Plus the food is delicious.

More walking because definitely not ready to go back into town.

Lollo is looking at doing an exercise and mindfulness retreat later this year. Sign me up. Need some more of that in my life. This autumn is going to be all about the things i love like nature and books and friends.

We decided to start a bookclub. Meet once an month and discuss books. Take turns recommending or choosing something. Love this.

Woolly feels like a king when he get to hang with the ladies.

I think i killed him though. He slept for like two days after our 4h walk.

So yeah, Bookclub Babes are now a thing. Its me, Katta, Lollo, Linnea and Lily. We have two open spots for any readers out there.

But because books is not all i spent my weekend binge watching this chinese high school drama. Its all anime esqu and super cheesy but i cant stop watching. cant really recommend it to people that dont do anime because its kind of weird for people that are used to american TV. Like Bollywood. But i love it.

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