Feeling strong

New week. Feels like autumn is here for real now and summer chills are over. Work has properly kicked off for me and im running a couple of big projects that will take all my time. Which is fine, i dont mind the work (even ill probably swear about it in a couple of months) and its all quite exciting stuff. LIfe puzzle feeling fine right now.

This week will be chilled. Meeting the girls for our bookclub on Wednesday. First meeting, im very excited about it. Always wanted to be part of a bookclub.

Went all in on the autumn look on Sunday as well. Yes, it was raining all weekend. People look at me like im crazy when i say i dont mind. But i honestly dont.

Woolly though, he hates the rain. Once hed been planting his feet on the ground for like 15min i got him to realise he needs to do his business and its not rain free on the other side of the house.

In the afternoon it was less wet and this well dressed man joined us. Totally dressed for the park.

Love Georges new leather jacket though. We are now a cool leather jacket couple.

Except for here. I look more like some kind of yummy mummy sailing girl. Sporty. Not me at all. But, i guess i am someone who owns practical clothes for the park now. Damn you dog ownership.

Came home and did a clear out of the wardrobe. A bin bag filled with old clothes. Needs doing about twice a year. If it hasnt been used in a year throw it out. Except for dresses etc but i own sooooo much clothes so some can definitely go. Incl the ‘ill use you when i loose x kg’. Those clothes need to go asap, thats just depressing.

In the evening we couldnt figure out how to turn on the heat and since George barely need comfy clothes he was all dressed up in mine. My, im really a style icon.

Me, i was dreaming of this. Imagine spending my winter in that onsie.

So much love for my little family.

This is me trying to take a selfie of my skin. Ive been using the products from the Ordinary for about a week and kind of love them. This is just wearing blush and a touch of concealer under my eyes. My skin just looks kind of even. In a good way.

Anyways, im shit at being a beauty blogger. Ha, even taking a pic with make up on. Oh well, i know none of you read me for my expert beauty tips.

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