Sexy Santa

Less than a month to Christmas. Its officially ok to be MEGA excited. Which i am. Going to the Christmas market on Saturday the house have been filled with delicious things. If you are going to be incapacitated by stupid foot injury its best when you have all the good things to eat.

George made my day by making me breakfast in the sexy Santa underwear i bought him when sis was here. Yes, she bought matching ones for Micke.

Getting my breakfast delivered by the sexy tea elf.  He made me stay in bed while he was cooking but i snuck out to take some pictures. Its not every day Santa makes you breakfast.

Mmhmmm, this years Christmas card (sorry dad, i know this hurts your eyes).

Then Woolly came back (and yes, i was still in bed around noon). Its almost been two weeks and i might have hugged that little monster for hours. He was trying to ignore me for a bit but no dice little one, you have to do all the huggies.

Family! We watched the new Xmas movie on Netflix and i was in heaven on the sofa with all my favourite boys.

This week Sanna and Peter are in town so have a busy schedule going. And on Saturday we are buying the tree. Plus bookclub and Erics bday dinner. Hope im still alive at the other end.

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