A life of sweets

We are having some kind of cake fiesta at work today. Im on my third cake. Jellybean is only 7cm, its cant help me with all that cake.

We have Georges swedish family, the Ghobadis, son Martin staying with us at the moment. Full house again. Its nice though when you just sit on the sofa all the time like me. But, im out on Saturday for Harrys birthday so ready to rock the socks again. In the meantime ive found one of those asian love dramas again. Best. Ever.

Otherwise its all slow summer pace out there. Instagram is filled with holiday pictures and im very jealous. Work is still busy but im hoping to be able to come to sweden in August for a weekend. Thats my best holiday.

Mmmm, unicorn cupcake.

A well balanced lunch. Salad and then cupcake. You need to leave room for the sweets.

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