All the jabs

Went to the doctor this morning for whopping cough and flu jab. Double trouble. Both my arms feels like they got hit by a truck. But, im definitely not one of those anti vaccers and think its super important now that im pregnant. Going back this afternoon for a normal check up. Belly is sizeable these days and ive gained 7kg. I think thats pretty much smack mid normal. Most of my friends seem to have gained between 15-18kg.

Lil Loki is definitely on the more energetic side… Reading forums and stuff most mums say they feel their baby a couple of times a day and a kick here and there. I feel him ALL THE DAMN TIME. Kicking or wriggling or like swimming around. Its very nice when he doesnt wake me with one of this well placed rib kicks.

On Friday W and me went to Katta for dinner. She had bought special paw ham for her furry grandchild. He adores her.

And she made fish soup for us.

Dont leave me 😦

I know Sweden is the right thing all that jazz. But still. Done leave me…

On Saturday it was park walkies. Autumn feels and lots of kisses because why not.

Made a batch of chocolate balls in the evening and we smashed them. Because hell yes and sweetnes.

These guys makes life like 100% better.

On Sunday we had Frankie and Elena over for lunch. George made laksa. Yum!

Happy with his own cooking skills. Pasta a la thai that it ended up being called after it was more like a stewthan a soup. Delicious though.

And they brought treats. You can come any time. Plus a hand broidered baby bib by Frankie mum. So sweet. Loki is going to be the best dressed boy ever

(yes, im going with Loki. We havent decided on name yet and Jellybean feels to small so hes a little god of mischief)

Sunday night perfection. Hound and foot massage.

Hello there belly. Going to be hard to see anything over you soon.

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