Meeting the grandparents

Busy days. Yesterday met mormor and morfar for the first time. All the love! Dad couldn’t keep his hands off him and it was so amazing seeing my parents with my child.

Slept very safely in mormors arms

Some serious bonding going on. I have a feeling these two will have some great times together.

Ha, my dad has barely rolled a pram since we were small. Looking like a pro though.

Got a proper warm little hat from Sweden as well. Beyond cute.

So nice to see them and so happy they decided to come see little Lukas when he’s just a bundle of sleep, food and poo.

They left around 8 and we were all finished then.

This morning he was extra fussy and we realised that he had thrush. Probably explains why he is refusing to eat from the boob, because it’s painful.

Unfortunately we can’t get a GP appointment until we have a birth certificate and we got that today but then it takes 3 days to register him.

So we are back to the hospital tomorrow…

Love my little boy but wish he was a tad bit healthier right now. It’s all connected to the eating though.

But we managed to have lunch in the pub before getting the birth certificate

Dad skills…

He’s getting less yellow and fattening up though. So we have to count our blessings.

So at the moment we are basically just doing skin to skin since he is such a little fuss pot with his painful mouth. Poor little guy.

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