Another trip to the hospital

Poor little angel has thrush. We went to the hospital this morning and they confirmed it. Most likely because of the trouble feeding during the jaundice. And then the pain from the thrush would have meant he is refusing the boob.

So it’s all connected and why we just can’t get the breastfeeding right. Lucky I have a lot of milk and can keep pumping and hoping to get it right eventually. We’ll keep fighting me and my little boy. Would be a dream not having to pump 5 times a day…#cowlife

But, good news. The jaundice is gone and he is now a strong 3kg. So despite the thrush we are getting him to eat.

The cutest boy ever though.

George stayed up for all the feeds last night so I got a glorious 8h uninterrupted sleep. The absolute dream. George on the other hand looked a bit worse for wear…

After the hospital we met for one last lunch with the golden oldies before it was time to go home.

My little heart can’t take all of this cuteness.

Three generation of Munthe’s


I feel like we are aceing this. Despite going in and out of the hospital. But we are both calm and happy and help each other out. All you can do as as new baby parents.

What a lovely day and lovely weather to end this pretty shit day with.

Day 11 and we keep fighting the good fight. We have the medicines, my boobs are filled with milk and we are all healthy otherwise.

Can’t say it’s the lack of sleep that is getting me down, it’s seeing my little boy in pain or sick. But thank god for doctors and help. He is in the best of hands.

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