Sitting like a pro

Something happened in the last couple of days. All of a sudden Lukas is sitting. Like actually, don’t fall down within seconds, sitting.

Look at this.

Cool cat and his even cooler cat grandpa. And told you. Sitting. He’s also a lot more controlled in his physicality. Almost knows what he’s doing.

Just you know chilling and sitting BY HIMSELF on a toy car. Such a big boy.

But he’s still mega tiny lille when he’s napping next to grandpa. It’s taxing being all grown up all the time.

Also making sure everyone is his slave. Important to be carried, fed, played with everywhere.

And finally, reunited with dad. Unfortunately dad is not mum so still a decent amount of crying because no one is mum god dammit.

So today we feel like this. Crying Lukas and over it mum. Fun timezz. Hoping George is coming home from his interview soon so he can take the child.

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