These corona days

George said the other day that corona would have been easier without Lukas. I say yes and no. In a way not being stuck at home with a baby all the time. But at the same time, he makes it more fun being stuck at home. Playing with him, and taking care of him, makes the time go faster. Plus just more FUN. Hes such an awesome little human that started playing and making jokes and generally being hilarious.

When he is not whining his ass off that is.

And yes, to everyone wondering. This place will for sure be all about baby and homelife and that shizzle becuase there is NOTHING else at the moment. And since im no baking house wife all youll see is various parts of os chilling on the sofa.

Hands up 2020, you really played us one.

So yeah, life is a lot of this. On the sofa playing making these dark, corona days go by.

Yep. Especially now that i started working its even more just home time. My promise to myself is at least  one walk a day. We are not allowed to go into the office so im assuming this will be life for at least another 6 months.

Its just weird starting working from home without meeting team or colleagues but hey, better than not having a job. Plus so far the company seems awesome. We have a virtual christmas party on Thursday.

Seeing Filippa tonight. We’ll go for a walk and eat somewhere with no people. Need to be careful before going down to the country house for Christmas.

Ha, so Lukas is not a fan of baths. So now its all about showers with mama to get him clean. Whatever works with this little one. Hes not 100% convinced about this one either but at least not screaming his little heart out.

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