So yeah, good timing to start writing here again when there is literally nothing going on. Except for the end of the world. Read that its the warmest year in sweden as far back as theyve tracked. Pandemic and climate change. Sorry Lukas for giving you this world of chaos.

But in better news, loving work. So far its great even if working from home is weird. At the same time, working in PJs anyone?

And in a week its christmas. Hell to the yeah. We need some away time.

But for my swedish readers. Below is something to make you laugh.

The frustration in those messages šŸ™‚

Lukas is in a period of not sleeping at the moment. As in up between 12-3.30 am having a party. Ive said it before but he is our karma baby.

The days become somewhat tired instead. Not easy when the sun (whatever little daylight there is) sets at 3pm. Its a lot of witching hour to handle for all of us.

So yeah, Christmas. Cant wait.

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