Checking the outside

Problem with Sweden in the winter is that its so damn dark. And rainy. No sun in december so far. So its hard to come up with things to do now that we cant be inside anywhere. But yesterday it wasnt raining (yeah) and we decided to go to the playground in search of fun and other kids.

Plus, kids are sooo cute in their overalls. Tiny michelin men. Lukas has inherited his from Filippas kids. Pink all the way!

We went to the playground behind our house. No kids. We both feel bad for lukas who barely gets to see anyone. Sometimes i feel like he’s getting a little stunted in his development because of it. He knows how to act around grown ups (well, his parents) but not other kids. Thank god for pre school soon.

Since he stands up against everything now its time for shoes. Such a big boy. Teeth and shoes and soon ill be sending him off into the world.

But, i want that for him. I can tell he just wants to explore and meet people and grow. Hes still all about cuddles and love though so hell always be my little boy.

Its interesting hes so careful and scared. Apparently George was the same. Ive always been careful but not particularly scared and George was the opposite. Enter our emotional, sweet, funny, careful and scaredy little angel.

Loving the playground though.

Cant wait for either snow or for it to get a bit warmer again and we can be out playing all the time. And they do that a lot at pre school of course. You see the littlies out and about at Gardet all the time. My heart!

This weekend we will brave the city for some last minute shopping that needs to be done and hopefully find somewhere nice outside for us to play. And then countryhouse!!

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