What a week ahead of us

Elin and me will start cleaning out the flat tonight. The plan is tikka masala, music pumping and loads of daim to get the energy up. On saturday we have tickets for batman live. The family show. To stop us from going out and be up to no good. Sunday will bring Mr Muscle and other cleaning products in symbiosis with all the moth products to be found in london.

Living the high life

Fighting a bear and almost dying

Feels like I was in the middle of a bear fight today after yesterdays excursion going rock climbing. I havent had this much muschle ache in a long time but it was well worth it going south of london to climb (well, try and climb. At one part O was actually holding my foot as support and I still didnt get further than hanging like a drowsy koala bear with slippy fingers) the part of the southern sandstones called harrisons rock.

I did manage to get to the top of one but that was all I had in me. At the end I ws hanging of the top bit getting a very cinvincing feeling I was about to die. People are not meant to hang off a cliff using nothing but balance and fingers. I did survive though and fel quite proud of myself. The rest of the day I sat on a rock eating buscuits and nuts contemplating my brush with death. My dreams were filled with sequences of falling off things.

Weirdly enough I feel right up for doing it again.

But first we need to say goodbye to the summer…

…and what better way to do that with a afternoon cray fish party four people in a flat?

Tom was mighty impressed with Elins and my word skills.

Yes, naked is the best way to eat cray fish. No smelly sweater arm

Owning Ben!

Love you!

8 hours partying in the same flat make you come up with some epic moves

A very happy (well, once off the snaps, they didnt go down well with Tom) birthday boy

And so we move into fall

Welcome back me! 3 weeks of vacation and I’m feel full of energy to take on fall. I’ve always mistrusted people that say ‘It’s actually nice being back from vacation’. Who in their right mind think it’s nice to be back from lazy days of sun and games to sit in an office again?

Well, now I’m one of them. Blaming it on the boring days if being a burn victim and silence the voice in me that whispers ‘You are growing old, like routines and stuff. You even thought to your self how nice it was to have a quiet vacation so that you are happy to get up in the morning for your power walk’

We are soon moving flats. If The Mansions was all about crazy nights of partying, dressing up in skimpy sailor suits and dating weird french guys I have a feeling Comragh (??) rd will be all bout tea, early night, dinner w wine (dont get to drunk mind you) and maybe even take up a hobby.

Oh my!

Day 4

My life as a cripple continues. Good thing its summer since im stuck with dresses and skirts

Why not put a little glamour in your life when you are walking around with a big bandage. Takes the eyes off the broken leg.

Today i’ve found my self a much better prison than my room. O’s back garden. but i think I might flee the premises before he cooks me the haggis he’s promised me for tonight. Sheep stomach! really??

Best thing with all these hospital visits are the stories you get told. I got told one about a women coming in with blood all over her legs. The shocked doctor asked her what happened and she answered ‘oh, I just sprained an ancle but then I quickly dry shaved my legs’. The vanity…

Life as a cripple

Doctors told me I wasnt allowed out of the house and basically not move around at all. Yesterday was spent in bed watching shitty movies, eating ice cream and being bored. Shedding some light in the darkness were O who came by for an hour and then Tom and Elin cooking me Bolognese, way better than hospital food!

This morning I let my toes linger in the sun. Even if I love vampires I’m not ready to turn into one.

Joy and happiness, the doctor told me I was allowed out for a short while and that I could walk around on the leg as long as it didnt hurt. Good thing I’m of old warrior breed and dont think anything hurts. Hung around in the park for a while and made friends with a lovely 2 year olf girl that came over and sat on my leg. I think that was positive baby healing.