Slow days

Working from home today. Realised I’ve been traveling every week since I got pregnant. That’s 4 months. So enjoying the Paris holidays and chilling.

It’s funny, at 37 I’ve never had to listen as much to my body as I do now. Some days I’m so tired I’m dead on my feet.

I’ve also signed up for some free shit. Trying to milk all the coupons that’s out there. This baby stuff is expensive so every little counts.

I’m sorry I have nothing more exciting to tell you. Not really competing with everyone else’s holiday pictures.

Baby update

4 months today. As in 15 weeks. Crazy. Getting close to the half way mark. Feeling all good. Except for the heat i have no problems at all. I have gained 3.5kg and the baby bump is real in the evenings. I generally feeling really good, my stomach is better and no other issues have surfaced. Im enjoying cruising through this at the moment. And eating everything. Im definitely enjoying the eating.

Next midwife appointment is next week and in another month we get to know the sex of the baby. But im kinda enjoying it just being a little jellybean at the moment. I even feel like i have the maternity savings under control. Being all grown up and shit.

4 months belly. Filled with baguette and cheese as well.

Heres my 1, 3 and 4 months. The second one was mostly gas :). Felt huge in that first month picture.

Im really enjoying this at the moment but cant wait to start feeling the baby. The best thing is that i live my life pretty much like normal. Im not supposed to sleep on my back any longer and today is the first day im wearing preggers jeans but otherwise all standard life.

A french wedding

What an absolute gorgeous wedding for Jean and Natalia. Back in Paris today and missing the french countryside, they are so much nicer there 🙂 Feeling a bit ropey but might just be Jellybean finally protesting after the heatwave, polish dancing to 3.30 am and mainly eating baguette. Very glad to be going home today.

But, back to the wedding. On Friday we met up with Alex and Lucy and headed out to Dreux. After 2h car we got to the village and after some confusion on were George and me were staying got the answer we were with Natalias polish family. Cool beans, we instantly went in serach for some food that poor cealiac George could eat. Easier said thandone but finally found an open restaurant.

Happy faces all around. I had pizza. Belly was happy.

We had happened upon some countryside festival and listened for a bit before heading back.

On Saturday they weather held and we had breakfast with the polish (without being able to communicate at all) and then got ready for the big event.

It was a beautiful church and Jean and Natalia looked gorgeous.

Look at that pretty bride.

We were about 120 guests and filled the church up to the brim.

George and i was in baby heaven. This is baby Max whos parents Kerri and Bernie lives in Mexico. Plan is to go visit them for a bit during maternity.

And baby Cora that George decided to take a bit out of.

Cisco Disco!!!

Such a gorgeous, happy girl.

Can hang in these surroundings…

After drinks and dinner that went on until midnight it was time for cake, crazy polish dancing and the moonshine the polish had brought with them. Must admit i was quite happy i didnt drink when i saw that, a lot of sore heads the day after.

Cake party!

We left at 3.30 but the party as still going until 7am.

Yesterday we headed back to Paris and then because everything is closed on a Sunday ended up having dinner at our hotel room. Again. Cant catch a break in this city.

Dealing with the heat (not)

In Paris on my biweekly commute. Brought my man this time around since we are going to Jean and Natalias wedding. Totally getting the company to pay for it when im constantly on the road.

It was the crazy heatwave yesterday. Not the best day to travel when pregnant. I think the hardest thing right now is that i cant control my body. When i get hot its like everything shuts down. Cant function. Got a racing heart on the London tube and had like 5 different strangers offering me water, a hand fan and ginger to chew. Damn i love London.

Once at the Eurostar the AC was barely working so had a bit of a passing out moment from the heat. Starting to understand why pregnant people were recommended to stay at home when its over 40 degrees. We were also an hour delayed on the train. Crazy. Never felt anything like those heat crashes. But i survived because strong!

In Paris they are actually really good with pregnant ladies and got us a car straight away and then to the hotel and glorious, glorious AC. Yes, another hotel dinner but it was still like 38 degrees out at 10 and dont think my body could handle more. I mean, love the baguette and cheese anyways.

Today off to Jeans castle and wedding times!!!

Me and the little family. George and Jellyben snug and happy in that lil belly.

Thats a heat stroke an hour delayed face of pure give upness.

Dinner time. We are nothing if not fancy.

Dumb and dumber

Boris Johnson as prime minister. The world is going mad. I dont even know what to say so ill let internet say it for me.

Yes! Thats exactly how i feel. A mix between stupid and horror. London, you are really not working to keep us here.

The city is also burning up. Its only 32 today but it feels like a killer. Yesterday i had dinner with Mez and then visited George at his take over at Home. Nice catching up with people, saw Jason for the first time in aaaaages.

Tomorrow we are heading to Paris and then im hoping for the heat to die down a bit.

Oh, also, i got £950 back on my tax. Happy days. Perfect for my crazy savings at the moment. I think we’ll actually make this maternity happen without too much pain. Feeling all grown up and responsible.

The heat

Week 14. Officially second trimester. That will be celebrated with dinner out and going to Georges take over at Home bar tonight. See me rollin…

Its also 36 degrees here and im melting. But, im even more worried about the 43 degrees in Paris on Thursday… At least it looks like the wedding will be cooler. Just need to figure out a dress that is pretty AND leaves room for the belly after all the french food. Life is hard now people.

Otherwise im just trying to keep my garden alive. It so much summer here and i miss the pool from last year but cant be bothered to set that beast up. And mostly sitting in the office anyway where i can enjoy the aircon.

Oh yeah, the little baby outfits i bought yesterday…

I was going to take some nice photos but i was so damn hot when i came home so i just threw it all in a basket and died 🙂

Anyway, heres one for our little baby dreamer.

And one for all the puppy pals the baby will have. They are very clever because its a set with hat, socks, blanket, PJ and short onsie in one. All the things for mini baby in january. And this is pretty much the only clothes ive bought, otherwise its just been all the boring, practical shit like breats pump. Must have some fun…

Its happening

I had such a preggers moment over lunch today. Went to buy a basket for the baby stuff before we have gone to ikea and bought the crib etc. Its all a bit messy right now so i need somewhere to put the baby monitors and other super useful stuff.

Nothing wrong with that plan. Until i came to tk maxx and saw all the super cute baby clothes. And i couldnt stop myself. Ill show you tomorrow but oh my geehrd. How am i to not shop everything? I mean, i might have been waiting for this moment for the last 20 years and bought endless amounts of cute outfits for everyone elses baby and finally its my turn.

So yeah, here we are. I did stop myself at two though. Im not completely crazy. Now i just need to control myself for another 6 months.

We had an awesome weekend. Took it easy peasy lemon squeezy on Friday and watched the new season of OA.  Woolly is super into it as you can see.

On Saturday it was Harrys bday party at Knowhere special. All the missed faces i havent seen in too long.

Me and the man of the hour. Harry is the best!!

Me and my man. He is also the best.

Cake delivery.

Hahah, love that happy, smiley face. Then everyone kept drinking and i kept catching up with people i havent seen in ages. Love the face that i have energy and actually want to see people at the moment.

Bromancing as always. There is a reason Harry will be Georges best man.

And on Sunday we took it super easy again. Ive been feeling so naseaous over the weekend as well as being a little bit of pain from belly growing so enjoyed sleeping and doing nothing. Like always.

Good news

We got some awesome news yesterday. The KUB test came back (for Downs etc) and its low risk that there is an issue with the baby which means they wont do more tests. So hopefully Jellybean is all healthy in there and in about another month i might start feel the baby kicking. Cant wait to say a proper hi to our little jellybean.

Bought lots of practical stuff on the prime days so now we have baby bath, monitor, breast pump (sexy) and a baby sling. We (as in me) are still waiting for George to move the rooms so that we can actually start to set things up and get the baby part of the room ready. Its a lesson in patience and letting go. Ha, if George was working for me i would struggle in not micro managing. On the other hand, i would expect delivery 🙂

I think tonight will be chill. Im having quite a lot of aches and pains this week from the uterus growing and so tired again. It was a week of energy and now im back to wanting to go to bed at 8 at night. I think having people over to stay and paris might have something to do with it though.


Adding a picture from a different time to remind me that i can be fun.

A life of sweets

We are having some kind of cake fiesta at work today. Im on my third cake. Jellybean is only 7cm, its cant help me with all that cake.

We have Georges swedish family, the Ghobadis, son Martin staying with us at the moment. Full house again. Its nice though when you just sit on the sofa all the time like me. But, im out on Saturday for Harrys birthday so ready to rock the socks again. In the meantime ive found one of those asian love dramas again. Best. Ever.

Otherwise its all slow summer pace out there. Instagram is filled with holiday pictures and im very jealous. Work is still busy but im hoping to be able to come to sweden in August for a weekend. Thats my best holiday.

Mmmm, unicorn cupcake.

A well balanced lunch. Salad and then cupcake. You need to leave room for the sweets.

Second trimester win

I love second trimester. Im all energetic (ish) and my stomach is almost ok plus Paris just stink normal amounts now. Dont feel like i need to throw up just walking the streets. Hallelujah. Basically i feel pretty damn good and even work cant bring me down.

Coming back tonight and on Saturday we are going to a bday party. I actually want to go out and meet people. Put on a nice dress and feel normal. And next weekend its Natalia and Jeans wedding. Even thinking about popping over to Sweden in August over the bank holiday. I know that this phase of feeling ok will have an end and knowing me ill be a very tired beached whale toward the end. Some people jump around until giving birth, that wont be this lazy ass.

On the Eurostar yesterday. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Wore a dress where the stomach could live free and slept most of the way.

However, being a total loser i forgot both sunglasses and headphones. With glaring sun i decided to pop out for getting new ones. And ice cream. Feeling all fly until i realised i still had the sticker on.

Jellybean being a cupcake this week. I love the fact that if i poke my belly it can feel it. Cant feel lil baby yet though, think those thin little legs and arms cant get through my think skin yet.

Look at that little precious. Like a Gollum. Can just see it eating raw fish and chasing a gold ring around the world. Naaaaaw, such a cutie little monster.