Amongst butterflies and pink blossoms

Another weekend gone. I’m sitting at home working waiting to get on the plane to The Canary Islands and a week of frolic and fun. My bag is packed with way too many shoes and none of the practical gear.

Tonight I’m seeing Jules for drinks before heading off. Cant wait to see my little angel. Hopefully Maggie and Bella are coming as well.

Before dinner with the Holms last week I saw this dog playing around in the water

Miranda and Rupert discussing illustrations for his book

Ol looking dashing in a suit.

On Wednesday I went for a drink with work. Andreas was in town so we headed to Bertie’s. He and Ivan discussing their gangs.

Anna and Tom look mighty impressed.

Benjie was there and gave the french/palestinian take on gangs. He won when he said someone got his leg blown off outside his school.

Pretty flowers.

On Saturday i got to choose exhibition. We ended up at the butterfly one. Ol was happy since he could spend hours sketching them.

I run around fighting the kids for the best pictures.

Butterfly breeding.

There was butterflies everywhere.

Feeding frenzy.

After I’ve gone about three laps around the place Ol still hadnt moved.

He got a little buddy however so I forgave him.
On Sunday we took a long walk with Miranda and Tompa and then ate delicious dinner at Havelock and watched Firefly in bed.

Picnic and flowers in the sunset

Picnic in Holland Park with Oliver after work. 20 degrees and sun made the evening perfect. When we came home we lay on the sofa reading and eating sweeties. 

Magnolias (a bit out of focus I see now)
Oliver in the sunshine. He had brought and extra sweater for me and a towel to wrap around me feet. Sweet.
The sun was going down behind all the pink. 
and behind the white as well. 
Yet another photo of Oliver taking a photo but this time I pimped it was sunset and pink flowers all around. 
Picnic food. Baguette, brie and ham is the taste of summer evenings in the sun.  

Things I love


Sun is shining, it’s almost 20 degrees and I took a walk during lunch. It was so warm I took off my jacket.

I’m heading home for dinner and hang with Oliver tonight and it’s just going to be the two of us.

It’s Julia’s birthday and I will get too celebrate her on Monday when I’m home for the evening before heading to Furteventura

My new bag (from & other stories)

Going home to see Carro, Micke and the kids in a couple of weeks 

This pretty picture at Kix from the Christmas baking and Damson photo shoot

This song Britta Persson – Some Girls Some Boys

Having a bit of a tan

Reading. Everywhere and all the time

Sanna’s blog since it lets me know what is going on back home (even if the latest posts are all about when she was here.)

A drink in the sun (almost)

Drink with colleagues yesterday. The sun was out and so were we. Drank beer and talked about, well, gangs, instagram quotes and as always football (that is what happens when you work in gaming)

Anna and Tom. It looks a bit like a dodgy back alley somewhere but it’s only Bertie’s. 
Beer! There is something about that pint when the weather has finally turned warm and people are sitting outside in just a sweater.
Ivan was off work the day before and got himself a great tan – that kind of blue red colour you know wont even be brown but go straight to peeling. Andreas was also in town which was the reason we were all out. That and the fact we simply love beer.  

The small things in life

Spring is in the air for sure. I’m skipping around the Wimbledon neighborhood during lunch break pretending to be a wild life photographer in the Amazonas. Kind of.

Tonight a drink with work in the sun and tomorrow I’ll finally get to chillaxa at home. I think I’ll celebrate that with a long walk. Next week I’ll be chillin’ my beans in Fuerteventura. I am working but it’s the kind of customer facing, hanging in the sun type of work. I cant say I mind too much.

Another toilet picture, another look. Flower trousers and shirt. Go summer. 
Dandelions, unidentified blue flowers and GREEN. Told you spring was here. 
Yes, wild life photographer. If you count the local park wild life. I do, I have run into a fox there a couple of times. 
New shoes (bought them long time ago mum). Weirdly comfortable. From Gant but i bought them at TK Maxx. Win.  

Another tasty dinner

Went to Caravan by King’s Cross for dinner yesterday with Oliver, Miranda and Rupert for yet another birthday dinner. My pictures are still on the camera but the memory of all that food makes me feel both bloated and happy today.

Best food experience were the scallop carpaccio with popcorn on top. Surprisingly tasty. 
Ol came straight from photographing royals in black suit. This is not a very flattering picture but we all know I love those.  

Walking in the sunshine

I have some pictures from Oliver’s and my long walk on Sunday (I’m thinking at least Dad might find that interesting)

This is what is should have looked like when Mum and Dad were over a couple of weeks ago (perhaps minus the lamp pole in the middle. Bad photography Oliver would chide me).

Our river walk. Every weekend we discuss whether or not we should go somewhere else but we always end up here.

Happy. A bit grey but that hides the tiredness in my face.

All of a sudden the queen went by. Or, it was just her boat but i decided it was almost like seeing the queen.


Little private gardens. Jules – we need to make sure we have one when we are old.

Blooming Magnolias in colour this time. That makes you happy mum?

Monday birthday celebrations

It was Miranda’s birthday yesterday. It was Kix’s too but we celebrated her big time on Saturday so yesterday was Miranda’s day. Important that, you should be the most important thing on your birthday.

I met up with Miranda, Ol and Fiona after work at the Nordic Bakery and then we went for dinner at Dehesa. So good. All of us over ate. Again.

 The birthday girl refused to be photographed. So I did a sneaky one.

 Oliver drew the tills at the Nordic Bakery (I only had eye for the cinnamon rolls)

 Trying on clothes in American Apparel. Great look for Ol.

Miranda and me choosing food. Everything looked good, therefore we ate pretty much everything.

 You can definitely tell the family resemblance. Except for the fact that Ol’s head is about twice as big.


Forget me not

Even if I went on a 15 hour party tour with Kix on Saturday I was still fairly ok for Sunday. So to celebrate that Ol and me took at 3.5 hour walk (!!). That was long.

Not sure what happened with Ol’s face colour here. I mean, he is pale but he’s got a positive corpse look. 
Blooming! London is so pretty it hurts (or maybe that was just the hours of walking). 
Forget me not’s for you Dad. They come a little bit earlier than your birthday here but they always make me think about running out into the garden and picking them for your birthday.