Welcome to Sweden

Hey guys. Monday here! Such a Monday. The never ending story with forsakringskassan is still going. After 3 months of forms and calls it turns out I can’t get money for Lukas since im paid from UK. So now we start the whole circus over again for George. Livin la Vida loca.

At least he finally got his ID and a bank account. Baby steps. So right now I’m baking a banana bread pretending the world is not going to shit around us. You know, pandemic that’s still on going and shit.

The one that is all dandy and easy is our little man though

Love spending my time with this little naughty pants. He’s so happy pretty much all of the time.

Especially since he is now riding around in this pimp ass ride. They see me rolling…

Not happy when Victor tried to play with his own car… Lukas, you turning into a little middle aged white dude hating when someone touch your sweet ride.

Cute though.

He loves kissing. Which is basically him smashing himself into your cheek sucking your skin off. Skills.

You going to get all the ladies (or boys) if you keep this up little man.

After all that baking I think me and little man will take a nap. Good for the soul.

Happy Midsummer

Yesterday was a bed day. Well deserved after both hosting a midsummer party and having all our stuff delivered from UK. As we’ve said before, we don’t do things halfway…

It was a lovely, sunny, gorgeous midsummer. Celebrating in Sthlm with a happy little crew and all the traditional food, flower wreaths, snaps songs and drunken, ugly dance moves. A winner of a midsummer.

Dressed up and ready to party.

Made a tiny little wreath for Lukas. Too cute.

My little midsummer family.

A happy crew of party people. Not looking as fly 10 hours later 😂.

After moving everything (hero!!) George joined us for the party.

Plus our movers joined the party as well, the more the merrier as we genuinely always say.

Look at this little guy celebrating his first midsummer. He tried all the food and joined the singing. Proper little swede.

Plus family of course. First time celebrating with baby bro. We are pro snaps drinkers all of us in my family…

Then things started going downhill…

Party times. Photos after this are not for human consumption. We partied until 2 when I snuck off to bed and hid from my guests.

An Irish exit in my own house. Pro skills.

Amazing midsummer and can’t wait for many more to come with my little family.

Another gorgeous baby

Met Chrisse and Alexandra’s latest little baby yesterday. Edward. He was soo tiny. 17 days early like Lukas. You forget how small they are in the beginning, Lukas felt like a tank in comparison.

Look at this precious little thing. For you swedes, just like the cutest little rumpnisse.

It felt like holding a little feather compared to my heffalump.

Haven’t forgotten all my baby holding skills. Ha, plus look at George and Lukas in the background, definitely not treating our baby like precious glass any longer.

Katta, the baby whisperer.

Alexandra looked way too fresh for giving birth 2 weeks ago.

Jacqueline being very protective of her younger brother.

Or just playing with the weird bearded guy not speaking Swedish. Kids love George. Mainly because he’s a kid himself.

Lukas and Edward starting their friendship. They’ll be the same year in school and hopefully becoming fast friends.

We all ended up having dinner together. I took the financial decision to spend one of our few outings on the most awesome of friends. What better way to spend your money?

Having got some kind of news from försäkringskassan I’m hoping we will get a small amount of money on setting us up until the end of this.

And don’t worry, I have the rent and food money set aside, this is just the extra. I’m way too money conscious to let our little family starve. Feeling pretty proud of supporting us for 7 months just on the money I saved for my maternity.

It’s all so precious

I’m awake with Lukas at 6 am in the morning and I’m just grateful. Yep, totally one of those #blessed posts.

Nah, but really. I’m just so happy everything has just fallen into place. I mean, it hasn’t been easy and we are still struggling in some areas but in the end of the day we have a beautiful baby, each other (and we are damn good together) and so much support from friends and family.

And to me personally I’m so happy George likes it here. It’s not easy knowing someone is uprooting partly because of you. And he’s just taken to Sweden. All the best sides of George are thriving. The nurturing and love for family, the passion for sports and teaching and the never ending thirst for learning new things.

Me, I’m in a way still marrying the old and new me. I’m facing the things I left behind and I’m bringing who I am now and it’s not always seamless. But, more than anything I’m in awe of all the things that was waiting for me here. Family, friends and beautiful life to step into.

Ok, sappy post over.

We have a garden just behind our house so we sat outside for a bit yesterday enjoying the greenery.

And making fun of our baby of course…

He’s such a funny age. He really communicates and shows what he loves. We went to BVC yesterday and he is growing beautifully. 68cm tall and 7.5kg. He’s getting talk now. To be expected.

After all that greenery and went to see Tommy and Elin. They are counting on being able to stay in Sweden going forward as well. It’s so funny that everyone is ending up here. But, awesome for me to be able to keep so much of my London life.

Big smile walking home through Sthlm. It’s easier in summer. Come never ending darkness and winter I might sing another tune 😊

Smooching the grandparents

Lovely couple of days at mum and dads. Lukas and me set out to give all our love to mum being a total bad ass helping us with the apartment.

Looking pretty fly for a white guy.

We left George at home for a couple of days to himself. He didn’t leave the flat and lived on junk food. His dream.

Me and this lil dude packed our stuff and braved to big, bad world. So many people out and about now. Corona is all but forgotten in Sweden.

In Nyköping Lukas had some serious bonding time with the golden oldies. ‘Thanks mormi for being all kinds of awesome’

But of course Lukas and morfi needs to chill together to. Generational bonding 🤘🏻.

I tried to take some cute selfies with my baby. He was NOT game. We need to work on that…

But, at least we got caught on some pics not looking like we are hating life.

Telling the grandparents some serious shizzle.

Even if he was a wee bit whiny we call it a success. See you soon mormi and morfi ❤️

The simple life

Heading down to my mum and dad today. Staying with them for a couple of days. Both to give my mum a big old hug but also to get away from home without spending any money.

It’s all about not spending money at the moment. After 2.5 months here we still have 0 income. George is not getting a job and I’m not getting any answers from försäkringskassan. We are living up my maternity savings. They were supposed to be for me only with George working. Not both of us with no one working.

Basically they are not really enough. Especially since we have no idea when there will be new money in. So right now it’s all about saying no. No to visit family in Gotland, no to dinners out, no to new stuff (well, definitely do not need that).

Luckily spending time with my favourites is free.

One can watch tv when it rains outside or go for long walks in beautiful summer Sthlm and it doesn’t cost a penny.

And since our baby’s favourite toy is a sock he’s pretty easy as well.

So we’ll let this time in our lives be all about family. Less time for fun, more time for you.

(And for those of you wondering about our big night out on Friday. That was paid by George’s boss to get him started here in Sweden)

London goes Sthlm

What a night we had yesterday! A touch of London in Sthlm. Delicious drinks and even more delicious company. Everyone looked good enough to eat.

I decided to go full on goth. Or you know, just get out of my sweatpants.

Even went red lips to impress them cool kids.

Sexy bar menu by the one and only George. Yeah, that’s my man ❤️.

Lukas was very impressed by dad. Poor Shiko was sick so Lukas got an evening out with his parents. Winner!

Looking fly behind the bar

Tove, Fredrik and Ebba came to enjoy some delicious cocktails.

And some winning food.

Baby bro and Sandra because family ❤️

Plus my new little brother

Gorgeous lashes. Yes, totally checking out Karin’s rocking bod.

Me and bro looking like the perfect family

Who am I kidding? This is looking like the perfect family

Eventually he joined us. I mean, we had to properly celebrate the whole craziness of buying a flat as well.

Things got drunker (don’t worry, I was looking after Lukas)

And I had the hottest ladies by my side. Winning on every level.

Perfect night with friends, cocktails, food and sleeping baby. We need a bit of London always.

Crazy shizzle

So, big news! So far 2020 has given us a baby, unemployment, fleeing the country we lived in, moving to a new country, saying goodbye to our dog but hello to old and new friends and loads of other new things to adapt to.

And now a flat.

Yeah, you heard me right. My amazing mum has helped us out with buying a flat. Yep, awesome! The plan is for us to take a loan and pay it back though. I mean, we are two grown ups and we should be able to pay for ourselves.

But for now, best mum goes to mine.

The flat is in the house we are in now. It’s a 3 room flat at 80m2. Its got a balcony and two bathrooms. The view is epic and it’s got the best feeling to it. We are so happy to find this amazing flat.

Living room with the balcony and opened up into the kitchen.

Kitchen if you sitting in the living room

Bedroom. Love that wallpaper

Lukas lil circus room.


And balcony. Yes we will love this place.

We are moving in on the 1/10 to hopefully give us jobs for money to actually buy some things for the flat. You know, a bed and stuff 😊.

Tonight we are celebrating. George is doing his take over and me and Lukas will chill out with a drink. Perfect celebration.

A letter to you


Your world is easy and innocent. How I wish I could keep it so. How I wish that you never have to see the world for what it is, a place filled with scared and ignorant people and the actions made by those people.

The year you were born is not an easy year. Australia was on fire due to our neglect of the planet, a global pandemic swept the world and it closed down its borders rather than work together and in America black people were killed for simply being black.

And it’s only June.

But, there is light as well. The world is protesting. Rising up together to see change. I hope that by the time you can read this change has happened and we are on the other side.

Your father and I hope to raise you in love. We are lucky to be able to give you not only our love but that of grandparents, cousins, friends and family. But also chosen family. Family that we’ve found in our travels of the world. People that care about you as much as we do.

We hope that all of that love from people all over the world will give you the strength and courage to be that change. To lean on us and be part of what we hope the world to become.

It might seem daunting but I hope it will be so natural that’s it’s not even a question. That together well all make the world a better place.

Crossing fingers and toes

Cross your fingers for us. We have the last bid on the flat and are really, really hoping that we get it. It’s lovely and perfect and I can really see our family there and Lukas growing up. And hopefully even a sibling. Someone Lucky Luke can boss around like a champ.

He ate bolognese today. With his whole face. Like you should do. There is no questions about his love for food. Then he had banana and peanut butter. A whole 3 course meal.

The weather is ace. Sunny but not too warm. George is loving it. His soul is definitely European.

When I’m lucky I even get him to go on walks with me. Winning!

Little guy is sleeping on me but hopefully we can get out and walk around a bit. See town. All to take my mind off the flat. It’s nerve wrecking waiting around to see if we get it.