Growing up

After yesterdays somewhat catastrophic (yes, thats how it feels to parents that a) has to hear their little baby cry their eyes out and b) parents that NEED said baby out of the house) introduction to pre school George and Lukas set off on their own this morning to give it another try.

Lo and behold. Lukas loved it this time around. No mama to whine to…better just suck it up and enjoy instead.

They have a blog in our pre school app. Look at my little pink munchkin doing some socialising. With a bucket 🙂

Im so happy he is happy. And im even happier hes a big boy getting to see other kids now. Plus i have so much fun stuff to do at work i kind of need him out of the house.

Rocking and rolling.

Pre schooler

Life at the moment :). A lot of adulting but also totally being kids playing with my little boy any chance i get. Him and i both love music, dancing and chasing eachother.

But our mornings look like this. We sit on the potty together and brush our teeth. In matching star PJs.

I also got our balcony furniture togethet just in time for the new snow storm. I screwed them all by myself (and yes, i know that sounds hilarious in english)

This little monster refused to sleep and it ended up with papa banging his head into the door and had to got to the A&E and get three stitches.

‘My work here is done…’

I took a walk.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the snow. It so light and quiet and pretty. Felt like an ice queen walking around yesterday.

This morning it was finally time for Lukas first day at pre school.

We were all very excited.

Dressed him in his finest.

Plus outdoor clothes because they start every day in the park.

A very swedish transport.

Little did we know how much he was going to hate it once we got there. He was cold, shy and just wanted to be with mama.

So we his from him to try and get him to interract. It ended with him crying his eyes out after an hour in the playground.

But he ate a banana at least.

Very happy to be home in mamas arms after that harrowing hour of socialising. My little pandemic baby.

At least i got him to go to sleep early. 1-0 pre school vs Lukas sleeping.

We loved the place though. The teachers are from all over the world, same as the kids, and they have a huge place to run around in. Plus a playground behind the house and all of Gärdet to run around in.

Im sure that in a couple of weeks he wont want to come home with me.

Life is just full of shit

Look how happy this little dude is sitting on his new potty. Dont we all feel like that on the toilet 🙂

We are starting a little bit of potty training. As in getting him used to sitting on it in the mornings and cheer him on if anything happens. Today he weed as soon as i put his nappy back on. Bastard.

And yes, this is how exciting life is these days. Dont judge me for this turning into not only a baby blog but a boring baby blog.

Naked on the bog watching a washing machine go round and round. If this isnt a view on life at the moment i dont know what is.

WHEN WILL THINGS BE BACK TO NORMAL??? I miss friends and family and im SO FUCKING sad we had to postpone the wedding.

At least Lukas knows how to entertain himself. I need to take a page out of his book. And realise my best friends these days are characters on the TV.

Anyway, the only way is up!

Surviving winter

Love the weather that we’ve had. I explained to George how much lighter and fun everything becomes with the snow and he gets it now. However, its starting to melt today. And thats the WORST FUCKING SHIT ever.

Its like cleaning away Christmas and being hungover wrapped into one. Horrible.

Whats not horrible is realising that your man has saved like 30 daims for you when you ran out. Serious boyfriend points.

Continuing on the line of eating (yes, since the wedding is off and the world is still on a motherfucking lockdown im going all out on the eating. See me rolling into summer) ive had my first Semla. Dont even like semla that much but its what you do in January.

Lukas practicing his art skills. And putting everything in his mouth skills. He is VERY good at that.

Like every parent we are fully convinced we are creating an artistic genius.

I mean, not every kid can paint the carpet, paper and groin at the same time. Modern.

Also learning to eat with a spoon. Telling you, genius.

On Saturday Alex came over to stay the night. He and George played games pretty much all night. Alex might have had the best time ever. Me, i had three boys to take care of.

But, cuteness overload.

On Sunday we did a very corona safe bookclub. Just read Keplers The Hypnotist and coming up is Maya Angelou. High and low.

Lukas and i checked out the Mistfall premier. He loved it. Totally buying him a pony.

Went into the office yesterday. Love that its such a fairytale land.

Ha, and this funky mushroom bar.

I will feel very at home here. So far im really loving the company and im so happy this is where i ended up.

More christmas times

Heres to the rest of the Christmas photos. Mainly Lukas walking lap after lap around our coffee table. Classic Lukas.

And doggy cuddles because doggos are the best.

‘Hello there hooooman. You eaten anything delicious lately’

Got them out on a walk. But it was too cold so they turned around like 5 min after this. But i still call that a victory with my walking hating boys.

Pretty out. All icy cold and slippery. My dad did a little whoopsie daisy on the ice.

Family dress up for Christmas day.

And Lukas just wanting to hang with Raja. All the time.

Trying to jump out of grandpas arms like the slithery eel he is.

Wheres Raja?

Discussing life with grandma.

Two people who are sure they are always right…

More walks. And yes, my baby boy is looking fly in bright pink.

Come on, admit it. You are pretty jealous of me and my hawt guy.

You are too cute little munchkin.

Especially when you are screaming your lungs out.

We are ending this impromptu photo shoot with the classic man with tired baby.

All the snuttisar to sleep with.

Love the attention.

Plus love just hanging out with mormor and morfar. Especially matching in snazzy red.


The weather you guys! I mean, come on. Ive always loved snow and kept telling George when we first met how i loved winter. He was like ‘you hate winter’. True. I hate english winter. Its 4 months of dark, grey and rainy. This though. The snow and the cold and the light.

Yesterday we took Lukas out for some sleighing on my lunch break. Happiest little guy whenever he gets to sit in his green pulka.

Party on an icy swing.


He is going to love pre school so much. Kids and play all day and not just sitting at home with mama and papa.

Look at those silly old buck teeth.

And back in Green Danger for some more crazy snow action.

I took a walk. Biggest problem working from home is that you have no reason to leave the house. So at the moment im making sure im going for at least one walk every day.

Then Lukas walked like 1000 rounds around the coffee table, i worked and George ran after Lukas. A normal day in the Munstev household.

By 8pm he was wiped out. A win in the never want to sleep fight we have every night.


Im finally ready to start the massive project of writing about Christmas. Lukas first Christmas! Best. Thing. Ever!! We spent the holidays at the country house and even if things werent a 100% like normal it was still all about family and all that Christmas cheer.

The yearly glögg was spent outside. Not the ideal way of doing it but better than not seeing eachother at all.

Felt a bit like a soup kitchen.

Then dressing the tree. Lukas was fast asleep at this point. Too much action for a little baby,.

Post Christmas preparations chill out. Little Raja is all done as well. Two babies in the family at the moment.

Finally Christmas. Lukas and morfar having a Christmas hug. Important.

And the Munstevs looking hella sexy in their matching outfits.

It was frosty and beautiful and Lukas and me checked the outside.


But Lukas and George not too much of a fan so i ended up going for a long one with the walking part of the family.

Hello there mini Raj.

Lukas loves Raja above anything else on this world. Raja is still on the fence.

Lukas and his shitty haircut. Sorry little man. But you are cute anyway.

Even if it was only us we dressed up for Christmas dinner.

Lukas got his gifts before dinner because little guy gets too excited. He got so many awesome gifts from everyone.

Hello there.

A bit more staged version of the family photo.

Haha, such a Lukas photo. Hands full of gifts and making his silly face.

These two. Bffs forever.

Ha, George getting a bit tired of all the christmas shenanigans. You are doing well my love.

Looks like a proper little toddler here.

One more picture before it was dinner time (yes, you need like a 100 pictures of babys first Christmas.)


Not too shabby a Christmas dinner for the corona year. Hopefully next year there will be all of us again but for very happy with the 2020 one.

Lastly a pic of me an mum. Tomorrow there will more likely be even more photos. I know you cant brace yourself.

A monday in January

Good morning world. This is the view from my home office. Love it. Sun in my eyes but who cares. Its sun!

So things have actually finally a 100% started. I was a bit surprised with a last minute meeting where i was presented for the whole company this morning but hey, one has done that stuff before.

Yesterday i went to see Elins mum Lisa to look at her paintings. Im thinking about buying one. Ive always loved her big oil paintings.

I brought our two favourites home and now we are trying them out to see which ones the best. So far the one with the ‘wings’ is our winner.

I think the gold will look great when the sun hits it.

On Saturday i saw the girls for some oysters and drinks.

Hello there ladies. And then home ny 8.30 of course. Such are the times.

On Friday we had Kattis and her Rob over. Hes just moved here and just like George is trying to learn the language and get familiar with Sweden. I think they are both VERY happy there is another non swede in the family.

Plus they want to babysit Lukas. Love anyone who wants to take our baby from us for a second.

Apocalypse fashion.

This picture. Looks like Lukas is just chilling wanting to order a drink from the bar.

Hairdresser magic. All about the face masks these days. But so nice to get freshened up. Needed that before the new year properly kicks off.

Felt pretty.

Then there was snow

My office views yesterday. Still not convinced about this working from home shizzle but this sure is pretty. I love having a proper park view from our window.

Lukas and George were off to the physio. Look at him. He looks so silly in that hat but its a fucking dream when its this cold out. Hands up for a baklava. Plus extra effort for mini snowball. Looks like hes here to fuck shit up.

I took a lunch time walk. Pretty! Love snow for many reasons but one of the best things is that it brightens things up.

And looks like a goddamn fairytale. Having this on your doorstep is a dream.

Deserves a selfie!

Got lost there for a second. Or, wasnt sure if i got lost but i was fine. Came out exactly where i wanted. That never happens.

Met my boys and found the last pulka in all of fältan. Horrah! Lukas absolutely loved it.

Look at him go

We ran into some family friends and Lukas was having the best day ever playing in the snow and seeing other kids.

Totally worth coming home being cold nose crew.

And he turned 1

Its crazy. A full year has passed since Lukas came into our world. A year like no else. Not just for us but for the world. A pandemic shutting down most of it and us starting up in a new country.

And all along this little guy have been growing up. Going from a baby to a toddler. Through a lot of laughter but also a quite healthy dose of screaming. He definitely knows what he wants this little one. It hasnt always been easy, i think few parents say it all sunshine, but its been fun. And looking back at his first year i feel like we’ve done well. We’ve given him love, security and a lot of dancing. What else can one need?

Heh, a not so happy face. We had to wake him up since if Lukas gets to decide he would be up all night and sleep all day. Wonder where he gets that from…

After gifts and singing the bday proceeded with Lukas getting hit by a box in his face. 2021 coming at ya.

But that doesnt stop this little dude from the smiling. Here eating saffron ice cream because birthday means all the good things.

Dont mind if i do mama.

Look at how big he is. This is certainly no baby. And in 3 weeks he starts pre school. Bitter sweet. All three of us needs that but yes, i will always miss my days with my little boy (but full honesty…hooorah for pre school and going back to work and grown up chats).

Yesterday we threw him a bday party. Pandemic style. It means only the absolute closest and a table full of goodies because that is what we have to make these times happier ones.

Grandma and grandpa came by of course. And the Aussie grandparents where there in spirit. Look at this sexy dino shirt grandma Gina had sent over.

Dressing up in a birthday dress.

Your mama aint no artist Lukas. There will be a string of these shitty cakes through your life but at least she loves you. And will always shower you with the party spirit.

Centre off attention since that is how you roll.

So many amazing gifts. Clothes and cars and puzzles and DUPLO. Never too much duplo. True happiness for a 1 year old.

Happy, happy birthday to our amazing little Lukas. We love you more than we can say.